Is Korean an Altaic language?

Typologically: yes. Genetically, no. Typology refers to the structure of a language and, as is well known, modern Korean shares similar grammatical characteristics to Japanese and Mongolian as well…

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A’touna Et-Tufoole by Remi Bandali – Lyrics + Translation

The Golden Scarab

Here are the lyrics to the song sang by Ghina Bou Hamdan on The Voice Kids . Ghina has made the song popular again , and the Arab co0mmunities (most of them at least) felt for Ghina and for the other victimized children of the Arab world . War has deprived a  lot of them of their basic childhood necessities .

 جينا نعيدكم… بالعيد منسألكم

Jeena N’ayedkon … Bel-Eid Mnes’alkon

We’ve came to wish you happy holidays … and during the holidays we ask you

ليش ما في عنا… لا أعياد ولا زينة

Lesh Ma Fee ‘Enna … La ‘Ayyad Wala Zeineh

Why is that we do not have any holidays or decorations
يا عالم

Ya ‘Alam

Ye , World

أرضي محروقة

Ardhi Mahroo’a

My land is burned down

أرضي حرية مسروقة

Ardhi Huriyyeh Masroo’a

My land is stolen freedom

سمانا عم تحلم… عم تسأل الأيام

Samana ‘Am Tehlam ……

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daily magyar

Kellemes húsvéti ünnepeket! – Happy Easter!
[Literally::: Pleasant Easter Holidays!]

Húsvét – Easter
..the word Húsvét refers to the “first day when we can eat meat after the Christian Lent” because meat is forbidden during Lent, so “a HÚS magunkhoz VÉTelének első napja”.

On Holy Saturday or Sunday the girls decorate eggs and prepare food for Easter Monday. A typical Easter Monday breakfast menu is: ham, funnily decorated eggs with Piros Arany and some cakes.

On Easter Monday both the girls and the boys dress up (at some places into folk costumes) and then the girls stay home the whole day, waiting for the boys. The boys, if they are little, go with their father, godfather and/or grandfather from house to house and sprinkle the girls. If the boys are older, they go with their friends and do the same.
The girls must be sprinkled, because they are flowers, and…

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Maglev at Incheon International Airport to be completed this year


Incheon International Airport will become home to Korea’s first commercial urban maglev train line once completed in July this year but will not officially begin operating until October 2013. The trial line is only 6.1 kilometers long and travels from Incheon’s Transport Center to the Yongyoo-Muui Tourist Complex which is also under development.

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